Wholesale metal keychains and Bethlehem olive wood products

Bethlehem Casting Co. is a foundry located in Bethlehem – Holy Land, manufacturers of religious keychains, Christian keychains, Catholic keychains,  Jewish keychains, inspirational keychains and custom keychains according to customer desire. In addition we manufacture all metal parts and accessories for the olive wood industry such as rosary centerpieces, crucifixes, corpus and many others.

Due to our unique relation with olive wood workshops as we supply them with the metal accessories, we also distribute olive wood products in wholesale.

We are not the only ones that sell olive wood products and metal keychains and olive wood products, but we assure you that considering the quality of our products our prices are competitive.

A minimum order total of $300 is required for wholesale.

If interested in retail and small quantities please go to our retail store, and check our retail competitive prices, we also offer bulk orders discounted prices on our retail store, you can always switch between both sites Wholesale / Retail from the top menu. 

All products offered on our website are made in the Holy Land.