About Us

Who we are?

Bethlehem Casting Co. Is foundry located in the Holy City of Bethlehem and was established in July 2007 as a private company to manufacture the metal parts used in the olive wood industry in Bethlehem such as Jesus Christ corpus, crucifixes, rosary centerpieces in addition to other products that are produced for the the local markets such as key chains and custom orders according to customers design for the fashion, shoes and promotion industries.

Our metal products are made of Zinc alloy and of high quality finish.

Due to our special relation and collaboration with the olive wood workshops we also sell their products in retail and wholesale and bringing you high quality olive wood products in competitive process.

Our website is divided into two sections:
  • Wholesale section for retailers and or bulk orders, churches and organizations and a minimum order of $300 is required. 
  • Retail section for individual's orders and offer discounted prices for bulk orders, there is no minimum orders required.
  • You can access the wholesale section or switch between both sections from top menu on the right hand side.
  • Although this is one website divided into two sections but they are different systems and therefore if you register on one section you cannot login with the same username and password in the other one. For each section you need 2 different usernames and emails.