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Jerusalem cross keychain | Christian Catholic keychains wholesale

Jerusalem Cross keychain - Crusaders Cross

The Jerusalem Cross also known as the Crusaders Cross has become a central symbol in Christianity for it represents the connection of Jesus to the Holy Land and Jerusalem. Jerusalem Crosses are collected as souvenirs while at the same time marking ancient churches and holy sites in Jerusalem. It has also become part of the coat-of arms and symbol of the Franciscan Custodia Terra Sancta - the pope appointed guardians or custodians of the Christian Holy Land sites.

The Jerusalem Cross is mostly linked to the legacy of Jesus and bequest to spread the gospel to the 4 corners of world. Some believe the four small crosses can be interpreted as the four Evangelists: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Others believe the small crosses symbolize the wounds of Christ's hands and feet while the larger cross represents the wound to his side inflicted by the Roman guards. 

Material: Zinc alloy
Category: Wholesale Catholic keychains, Christian keychains
Type: Enamel keychains
Model: Jerusalem cross keychains, Crusaders cross keychain
Polish: Available in two options - Silver tone coated, Gold tone coated
Charm Size: 4cm *4cm / 1.57" * 1.57"
Total length: 9cm / 3.55"
Manufacturer: Bethlehem Casting Co.
Made in Bethlehem - Holy Land
Packing: 20 keychains packed in a poly bag
Split ring material: Steel

Steel split rings will close back to normal position when stretched to add / insert the key, iron split rings will remain partially open

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Weight Dimensions
25.00 g Length 9.00 cm
Width 4.00 cm
Height 4.00 cm