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Nativity cross key chain | Christian Catholic key chains wholesale

Nativity cross with Bethlehem stone

This Nativity Cross is a form of Glory Cross. 

The Nativity Cross is adorned with a star, which mimics the silver Nativity Star that can be seen in a limestone grotto beneath the Church of the Nativity, in the center of the Star there is a stone from Bethlehem. The star has 14 rays, which represent the 14 generations from Abraham to David, the 14 generations from David to the exile of Babylon and the 14 generations from the exile of Babylon to Jesus' birth.

The cross symbolises Jesus Crucifixion, so in this one symbol, we have the ancestry, birth and death of Jesus.

Model Length 5cm

The split ring is made of steel and not iron which means that when the ring is stretched to add / insert the key it will close and return to its normal position while if made of iron it remains partially open.

Our key chains are casted at our foundry in Bethlehem - Holy Land and will be shipped from Bethlehem

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Weight Dimensions
30.00 g Length 5.00 cm