Wholesale Olive Wood Comfort crosses 7cm / 3 inches from Bethlehem

Small Olive Wood comfort Crosses 7cm / 2.8 inches

Small Comfort crosses, hand carved of genuine Bethlehem olive wood. The cross has a round shape with smooth edges. Olive wood is rich in color and veins which are the main characteristic of its beauty. The grains may differ from one cross to another as this is the nature of the wood and which also makes every cross unique. 

Material: Bethlehem Olive Wood 
Category: Wholesale Christian wooden comfort Crosses 
Type: Palm Crosses, Comfort crosses, hand held prayer crosses 

Model: Small Comfort crosses 
Dimensions: 7cm * 3.8cm * 1.3cm  / 2.75" * 1.5" * 0.5"  
Made in Bethlehem Holy Land 

  • Model: 12150007

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Weight Dimensions
25.00 g Length 7.00 cm
Width 0.80 cm
Height 1.30 cm