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Wholesale Comfort Crosses

Comfort crosses, or also known Palm crosses, Clinging crosses, Holding crosses  are hand held prayer crosses. 

Comfort crosses are not a traditionally shaped crosses but there shape is designed to fit in the palm of the hand and have a rounded shape with smooth edges. We offer different designs and sizes of comfort crosses to suit our customers. 

Our comfort crosses are carefully made with high quality carving and polishing.

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Olive Wood Palm crosses
Olive Wood palm cross 11cm / 4.3 inches (12150011)

Olive Wood Palm Crosses Wholesale 

The crosses are hand carved of genuine olive wood with excellent craftsmanship and finish. 
  • Model: Palm crosses, Clinging crosses 
  • Dimensions: 11cm * 5cm / 4.3in * 2in 
  • Made in Bethlehem Holy Land 
Small comfort crosses
Olive Wood comfort cross 7cm / 3 inches (12150007)

Small comfort Crosses 7cm / 2.8 inches

Small Comfort crosses, hand carved of genuine olive wood. 
  • Type: Wholesale wooden comfort Crosses 
  • Model: Small Comfort crosses 
  • Dimensions: 7cm * 3.8cm * 1.3cm  / 2.75" * 1.5" * 0.5" 
  • Made in Bethlehem Holy Land 
Clinging crosses
Olive Wood comfort cross 9cm / 3.5 inches (12150009)

Wholesale comfort Crosses 9cm / 3.5 inches

  • Material: Bethlehem Olive Wood 
  • Category: Wholesale Olive Wood Comfort Crosses 
  • Type: Hand held prayer crosses 
  • Model: Medium Comfort crosses 
  • Dimensions: 9cm * 4.6cm * 1.3cm  / 3.54" * 1.8" * 0.5" 
  • Made in Bethlehem Holy Land 
Comfort cross necklace
Comfort Wooden cross necklace 4cm / 1.5 Inches (21150004)

Wholesale comfort Cross Necklace 

Each cross is packed and with a cord, and comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

  • Material: Bethlehem Olive Wood  
  • Category: Wholesale Wooden cross necklace  
  • Model: Comfort cross necklace 
  • Dimensions: 4 x 2.5 cm / 1.57 * 1 in 
  • Made in Bethlehem Holy Land 
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olive wood comfort crosses
Olive Wood comfort cross 11cm / 4.5 inches (12151011)

Wholesale Olive Wood Comfort Crosses

These Comfort crosses are hand carved of genuine Bethlehem olive wood. The cross has a round shape with smooth edges. Olive wood is rich in color and veins which are the main characteristic of its beauty. The grains may differ from one cross to another as this is the nature of the wood and which also makes every cross unique. 
  • Material: Bethlehem Olive Wood 
  • Category: Wholesale Comfort Crosses, Christian products
  • Type: Palm Crosses, Holding crosses, clinging Crosses 
  • Dimensions: 11.5cm * 6.5cm * 2.4cm / 4.53 * 2.55 * 0.95 inches 
  • Made in Bethlehem Holy Land 
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